„Your MTX has three languages resident in its memory – Assembler, Noddy and BASIC. In this chapter we will be taking a look at the Noddy language. This is a language that has been designed to simplify text handling and, as it only uses eleven eommands, it is very easy to get to grips with. In order to exploit this language to the full you must get used to the idea of coding it in conjunetion with BASIC. In essence, Noddy provides you with a simple way of storing and displaying textual information. In other words you can create well designed textual sereens and wonderful adventure games within a BASIC program by calling on a specifie Noddy file. It is very simple to switch from BASIC to Noddy without losing any files resident in memory.

To access the Noddy language type in as a direct command NODDY (or NODD.) and press the < RET> key. The screen will display


Memorex MTX 512

* Spencxer Bateson: Memotech Operator’s Manual. Bushey: Memotech Ltd. o. J., S. 171.

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